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R & D


While we have phenomenal manufacturing capabilities, this is backed with a very strong Research and Development team. At Optimus, emphasis on R&D is the key value driver for new products development . Our R&D capabilities of innovative process research, cost effective technology development and strong hold on chiral chemistry has helped us to become the partner of choice for many global giants in the pharma industry. The chemistry expertise of our scientists gives us leverage to select the new molecules with complex chemistry and which are difficult to be developed by our competitors, this make us a leading edge over the rest of manufacturers.

Our R&D is well equipped with the infrastructure that supports advanced research and innovation, our team comprises of 48 lead scientists and many others working under them. Our team continuously thrives for the development of NCEs and process innovation with the approach of knowledge driven research. At Optimus, we believe that R&D is the foundation for a harmonious growth of any organization and we value research more than any other activity. We are well aware that in the arena of competitive Pharmaceutical industry, having R&D Infrastructure andcompetent scientists is not enough;having the right strategy and staying a step ahead of others is crucial. We are proud of our research accomplishments and we look forward to many more R&D challenges in the future, with a great level of confidence and enthusiasm.

Reaction Capabilities

• Grignard and Organometallic Reaction

• Chiral Synthesis

• Nucleophilic Substitution

• Swern’s oxidation

• Fridal Craft Reaction

• Halogenation (Bromination and Chlorination)

• Cryogenic Reactions

• Cyanation

• Selective Reduction via Triphosgene

• Hydrogenation and Asymmetric Reduction

• Mannich reaction

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Optimus established in 2004 by a team of scientists who had a passion towards chemistry and to ensure a better healthcare to everyone.


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